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  1. How much are registration fees? How can I register my child?
  2. I registered for the fall season, do I need to reregister for the spring season?
  3. I am registering for just the spring session. Is there a reduced rate?
  4. What areas in town does Region 49 cover?
  5. Where are the games played?
  6. How long is the season?
  7. What division does my child play in? or What does 6U or 8U mean?
  8. What in the world is 15U? What happened to 14U?
  9. Are there coed teams?
  10. Can my child play up a division?
  11. When/Where are practices?
  12. When/Where are practices?

How can I register my child?

Please see registrations for details

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I registered for the fall season, do I need to reregister for the spring season?

If you registered for the fall, you are automatically registered for the spring. Your coach should call you about 3-4 weeks before the season starts. If you are not playing in the spring, please let your coach know so that we can backfill his roster. 

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I am registering for just the spring session. Is there a reduced rate?

No. Most of our costs are fixed whether your child plays in one game or 16 games. The fixed fees include uniform costs, fees for field rental from the City of Wichita, and registration fees to the National AYSO organization. The cost for just the spring session is the same as for the entire year.

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What areas in town does Region 49 cover?

AYSO covers the eastern side of Wichita. This includes Andover, Derby, Augusta and a few other areas. The boundaries are "fuzzy" as there are no hard boundaries. Officially, our area consists of everything east of Grove. Although we primarily service the eastern portion of the city, we do have kids from other regions that will play in our area because of a classmate or some other reason.

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Where are the games played?

At the Stryker Soccer Complex on the Northeast part of town. Just North of K-96 and Greenwich road. See the map of the fields. Some of the older divisions have games at other fields in the greater Wichita area, but most games will be at Stryker.

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How long is the season?

The fall season runs for eight weeks, generally from early September through early November. The spring season is also eight weeks long and runs from early March through early May. When you register in the fall that automatically registers you for the spring season. However, when you register and pay to play in the spring, you are only signed up to play in the spring. You must register and pay again for the following fall.

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What division does my child play in? or What does 6U or 8U mean?

There are six divisions, 19U (Division 1), 15U (Division 3), 12U (Division 4), 10U (Division 5), 8U (Division 6), and 6U (Division 7). For the current fall/spring season, an 8U player means that the children is and 8 or under as of December of the following year. THIS IS DIFFERENT from the format followed from 1980 to 2016 which was U8, for example. It used to be that U8 meant a child had to be under 8 on the cutoff data. For the old format, if a child turns 8 on July 31st, prior to the start of the season, then he/she would play in the U-10 division. If a child turns 8 on August 1, then he/she would play in the U-8 division because they are still under 8 on July 31st.

For 2020-2021 8U means that they are 8 or less as of 12/31/2021.

Below are the definitions of the age divisions for 2020-2021

Year of Birth Division
2016 6U
2015 6U
2014 8U
2013 8U
2012 10U
2011 10U
2010 12U
2009 12U
2008 15U
2007 15U
2006 15U
2005 19U
2004 19U
2003 19U
2002 19U
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What in the world is 15U? What happened to U14?

With the old format using the August 1 cutoff date, the divisions more or less aligned with school year. U14 corresponded roughly to 7th and 8th graders. U19 encompassed high schoolers and would only play one session (boys in the spring, girls in the fall) because there would not be enough kids for the opposite session because most kids would be playing for their high school. By changing to the December 31st cutoff date, most 8th graders with birthdays in September through the end of December would be pushed up into the high school division. And since the high school division only plays one session, those kids would be unable to play both sessions. All four AYSO regions in Wichita voted to not have a 14U division, and instead have a 15U division. This will allow older 8th graders to play with their peers.

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Are there coed teams?

No. The only time that we have coed teams is at the oldest division in the spring, and the youngest age division if we don't have enough girls registered. Most high school girls are playing for their high school and if it is a KSHSAA school, they are ineligible to play AYSO in the spring. Non-KSHSAA schools (Homeschool, Sunrise, a few others) are exempt. There are few girls that are eligible to play so there is not enough participants to field a team. Those that are eligible and still want to participate can play on the boys team. Typically there may be 0 to 4 girls that will play on a team in the spring.

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Can my child play up a division?

Yes. For example, if your child turns 8 after the January 1st deadline, he will normally be placed in the the 8U division (since he is under 8 on January 1st). But if the child's birthday is early in the year (like January 30th, for example), and the child is very experienced and you wish for them to play in a more competitive environment, or if the child has an older sibling that you may want to play on the same team, the child can play up a level and register as a 10U player. The registration program will give you that option.

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When/Where are practices?

6U Divisions. Practices for 6U divisions take place on Saturdays, starting at the normally scheduled game time on the same field where the game is scheduled. Practices run for approximately one half hour and are immediately followed by a one half hour game. This approach provides these younger players with about an hour of soccer time each week, while connecting the practice instruction with an immediate opportunity to apply it in a game situation. Coaches may elect to get players together for a pre-season practice or two, but generally stick to the Saturday practice routine through the season.

8U & Up Divisions. Practices occur on the weekend or during the week, separate from game times and locations. Practice frequency, times and locations are at the coaches discretion. We are not allowed to have practices at Stryker.

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