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AYSO Region 49
P.O. Box 21384
Wichita, KS
phone 686-AYSO

Registration Eligibility

Registration is open to all children who have turned 4.

We have also joined the rest of the world as mandated by FIFA to change the date which determines which age division your child plays in. The cut-off date is now January 1st, not August 1st.

Registration Dates, Times and Locations

  • Registrations must be done online. We host a few registration sites in August to assist those that are having registration problems or lack access to computers, but we do not host any registrations for the spring.

Spring Registration update

February 4: Many of our divisions are filled, BUT we almost always have some kids drop between the fall and spring sessions. Kids will move, or drop to play baseball/softball or track, or lose interest. So even if a division is full, we frequently do have some openings. And sometimes we get enough new registrations to add a team. With the new Blue Sombrero web site, you can register, and if there is not an opening, no payment is required You can register to place your child in the queue so if an opening develops, you will be registered.

How to register

Register at the new registration web site at http://ayso.bluesombrero.com/region49. There is a link in the upper corner that states "Register now."

EAYSO no longer is accepting registrations, registrations must be entered into Blue Sombrero.

Step by step instructions from Blue Sombrero

Registration Fees

The total fee is $110. The fee is listed as $92.50, but there is now a non-refundable $17.50 fee if you change your mind and decide not to play. The $92.50+$17.50 gets to $110. This non-refundable portion is new from last year and this is a requirement from National. Also, the only payment options now are credit card. There is still a multiple child discount.

Registration fees are $110 for the first player from a family, $105 for the second player, and $100 for each additional player from a family. The fee covers fall and spring and includes the uniform (shirt/shorts/socks).

Registration fees go towards the players uniform, supplemental insurance, National AYSO fees, Area 6U fees (to support training and end of year tournaments), training for your board members (which does include travel), uniforms for referees, end of year trophy and other administrative expenses (coaches and referees).

AYSO Region 49 would appreciate any donations you would be willing to make above and beyond the registration fees. If we could collect $5 per child, it could really help out tremendously. This can be added at the time you are paying for registration or turned in at the trailer at any time. We would really like to avoid doing fundraising since parents seem to be bombarded with schools, scouts and other organizations starting their fundraising at the beginning of the school. Year. The equipment (goals, corner flags, the trailer, etc.) is in need of repairs. Fundraising money goes towards these repairs. These donations are tax deductible.

Registration Deadline

When is the registration deadline? This is a tough question. Technically we don't have a deadline because we are always registering kids, long after the season has started. As long as we have openings, we are registering kids. We have even registered kids in April, after missing the entire fall and over half of the spring.

We form teams based on our numbers that we have on August 25 (for 2017). For example, the age division for 8 & 9 year olds, we have a limit of ten kids per team. If we have 50 kids registered, we could form 5 teams with 10 each, but then we would have zero openings. We always have LOTS of late registrations, so we create the teams with openings, so if we had 50 kids we would probably form 6 teams. Some teams would have 8 kids and some teams would have 9 kids. So then we would have 10 openings.

So the deadline for team formation for fall 2017 is August 25. But in reality, 90% of the time we have openings clear past the start of the season. So technically our registration never ends.

What now? (After I am registered.)


Have you thought about coaching or refereeing? We need you. Training is offered free of charge to you. The sooner that you let us know you are interested, the sooner we can get your training started. ALL volunteers will need to register online (eayso.org). All registrations must be e-signed.

Registration Form

A few things to keep in mind when registering a child for next season:

  • Although the form has fields for height, weight, and child's social security number (on some of the older versions), we do not need any of that information
  • Insurance - Check the insurance information and make sure the current doctor's name and phone number is listed. Have you changed your insurance carrier?
  • Schools - Indicate the school that your child will be attending next fall. If you are unsure which school your child will be attending, please make your best guess. You may call the AYSO phone number (686-AYSO) in the summer to correct the information.

Player Requests

You may request to play with another player. Write this request on the line 'brother or sister on same team'. Player requests greatly increase the complexity of team balancing - as this is done manually and not by the computer. These guidelines will allow your player request to be considered at the time of team balancing:

  • No request is guaranteed. A balanced team is one of our philosophies.
  • Only one request will be considered. No second or alternatives arc permitted. A brother or a sister is a request. You may request a brother or a friend, but not both.
  • Players must be the same age group.
  • Players must cross-reference each other on their registration form, e.g.: Tom requests Joe, Joe requests Tom.
  • You may not request a coach. All coaches and assistant coaches automatically have their child assigned to their team.

player requests

Players on High School teams

Players on high school teams cannot play for both AYSO and their high school team during the same season that they play for their high school team. Kansas State High School Athletic Association rules require you to inform us if your child is playing for this school. Your child's eligibility may be jeopardized if you do not follow this rule. This rule does not apply to intramural soccer or non-KSHSAA schools (such as homeschool teams, Sunrise, Word of Life, etc).

Consequently, during the same season as the high school teams, we typically do not have enough players to field a team, but in the "off-season," we typically do have enough players to field a team. That means that we usually have high school girls teams in the fall and high school boys teams in the spring.

Refund Requests

Refund requests can be made any time prior to the start of the first game of the season. Once the first game has been played, no refund will be granted.

Waiting List

Once teams are full a waiting list will be formed for that age group. New teams will only be formed if enough players in an age group are on the waiting list and a coach is available at least 10 days before the fall coaches meeting.


You should be called by your coach by two weeks before the start of the season for your child's team assignment. Please do not call AYSO asking for team assignments until then.

Have a further question? PLEASE contact the Registrar or Regional Commissioner.

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